My Challenge…..

Today I did it.  I actually took into action what I have been thinking of doing for the past 4 months of my Bikram Yoga practice.  I signed up for the 60 day Bikram Challenge!  Getting the little red piece of cardboard paper in my hand today after class made me elated, yet nauseous in the same respect.  Now for those of you who have yet to try the “hot room” or “torture chamber”as it is so lovingly called, you may not have any idea what a big deal this actually is.
A little background info about me… for most of my life I have been a petite woman who barely weighed over 100# when I graduated college.  And after meeting the love of my life, who so happens to be 6’4” and 200#+, I started eating a bit more than usual.  I have never been one to exercise (I seriously DISLIKE gyms) and was a dancer most of my younger years.  I put on over 30# of weight in about three years.  At this time last year I finally got fed up and made a change.  I changed eating habits, beefed up my nutrition and got back to normal!  YEAH ME!!  But the question was… what can I do, that I enjoy doing, not to get back to my “unhappy” place again?
Luckily, I met a friend through our USANA business, Jay who introduced me to Bikram yoga and it changed my life.  Bikram is a funny thing though, as I have a love-hate relationship with it 🙂  Picture this:  You are in a room that is 105 degrees for 90 minutes, doing 26 different postures.  And it IS NOT a cake walk!  I THOUGHT I was flexible, until Bikram.  I am challenged both physically AND mentally. It is absolutely one of the most amazing I have ever done and will do for myself.
As I said earlier, ever since the first day I tried Bikram I felt a tug inside of me to do the challenge.  To sign my name on the wall of the studio and feel the sense of accomplishment for achieving such an incredible feat.  But, thinking about something and doing it are a whole different story.  It was just this past month when I just knew I really had to do it.  You see, Bikram brought me out of one of the deepest depressions I have ever been in.  In the past 5 months, I had lost BOTH of my grandparents and an uncle who was very dear to me, along with a few other things that were going on in my life.  I am a firm believer that this yoga heals.  Not only physically, but mentally.  I remember talking to my grandmother when she was in rehab before she passed away telling her all about my new love.  I laugh thinking about how she called me NUTS to be in a room for that long being that hot!  But, I explained to her the euphoria it made me feel after.  How that last savasana (the dead pose), was worth all 90 minutes of hard work.  She was so happy for me that I found something I was so passionate about and urged me to do the challenge.
So, I WILL accomplish this goal of going to Bikram everyday, for 60 days.  I will do it not only for me but also for my Granny, who I already miss dearly.
Pray for me and WISH ME LUCK!

I fell in love with the man, then the business

This past weekend I attended a baby shower of one of my high school girlfriends.  And like most parties or get togethers the “What do you do?” conversation started.  Now, after 5 years of having our business I am not ashamed to say we own a Network Marketing business, but that has not always been the case.  
When I graduated college my thoughts were I would have my “big girl job”, have a husband that also had a corporate job and when it was time to have babies I would be a stay at home mom.  I know, I know… I have never had a HUGE ambition to work up the corporate ladder, I just wanted to be a mom.  I knew I would use my degree, but I have a serious love of arts and crafts and I envisioned a business or way where I could craft and make a living from home and do what I really loved, not work for someone else. 
As with most of life, it did not go as planned.  One Christmas I came home to spend time with family and on vacation from my big-girl job in Waco, TX.  On Christmas night of 2005, my life changed.  I ran into an old friend from high school, Chris.  He had an amazing job at a HUGE company here in San Antonio called USAA.  He was doing really well climbing that ladder, but he was most enthusiastic about his business that he started and I remember him stating that soon he would be his own boss.  Wow.. what a go getter!  I had no idea what this business was, but as many relationships start, I was just enamored by every aspect of him.  It had been 9 years since I had seen Chris again and I wanted to know it all.  Very quickly, we fell in love.  A deep, soul-mate kind of love and as the story goes that very same Christmas night I wrote my number on his business card (which I had NEVER done) AND told him I loved him on the card.  Ahhhh….. makes me smile, even 5 years later.  
Soon, I was coming home to San Antonio to visit him frequently and he was urging me to go to the weekly presentations so I could see what he really did.  I remember being over-whelmed by all of the people, most of which were in love with Chris and the amazing man he was.  They were all so nice and happy, both of which seemed strange because in corporate America, you don’t find nice AND happy people! The information seemed great, but I was more concerned with spending time with this incredible man who seemed to dig me too!  I wasn’t very educated on Network Marketing or the abilities that it gave normal everyday people, even though I did have a quick venture with Mary Kay in college.  I honestly just signed up for the discount on make-up 🙂  
I ended up moving home because the thought of being so far from him was killing us both, and 10 months after starting this business he left USAA behind.  I didn’t understand it then, this USANA business that was changing our lives and still pinch myself now thinking of our journey.  A few years later, I was able to leave my corporate job and this Spring will be three years since I have been FREE!  It’s amazing the amount of people we have met that we have been able to help.  That honestly, is the most rewarding part.  Some with their health because are products are so revolutionary, some with the monetary benefits from sharing the information, and a huge part of this business is personal growth.  I have come to find that most jobs/businesses don’t have their employees focus on themselves and that is where the true potential lies.  By reading a book or listening to an audio, it’s amazing how every part of your being can change.  Another benefit is the bonus of the “family” that USANA provides.  Everyone involved is happy, positive and enthusiastic.  It is so refreshing to be around so many amazing people every week!  
In conclusion, my path of finding Network Marketing and this phenomenal business isn’t like most peoples.  Nor was it something that I was looking for or “needed” at the time.  Our business is truly a Blessing from God and I am so very grateful for it.  But, I fell in love with the man first
and now I have whole-heartily fallen in love with our business.