I adore the Holiday Season. The Christmas songs on repeat, the hustle and bussle of the shoppers, the decorations, Christmas lights…the absolute joy I feel during the season celebrating Jesus.
I ran back into my future hubby on Christmas night many years ago, we had our first date a few days before New Years and decided to get married during the Holiday Season in ’07. December has always been a month to celebrate.
And now…now, I feel a dark cloud looming over my happy- joyous time of year. I just got the call. We had a failed IVF cycle, I am not pregnant. I have so much grief inside of me that the tears just keep coming. How could we have gone through all of that… And be unsuccessful? I have no clue what the future holds in store for us, or if we will give up on our dream of being parents. As of now I have never been so grateful to have a vacation planned in a few days. New Orleans has a way of making people feel good no matter what may be going on 🙂

Thank you all for your thoughts, prayers and love through all of this.
Happy Holidays,