Last Thursday morning I felt in complete control of my life. I finally had an Alzheimer’s diagnosis for my mom and our next in vitro cycle was scheduled for next week. It’s amazing how The Lord has a way of changing things. ๐Ÿ™‚

By Thursday afternoon I sadly realized that my mom had over dosed on her new meds and had taken all 6 doses (of two different new medications) in one day. Holy jeeze… Wasn’t expecting that one. Thankfully she will be ok, but I am now at the point of having to bring in a nurse each night, a machine to help with dosing or I go over every evening to make sure this doesn’t happen again. I am still not done with care for my mom just because we have a diagnosis. There is still lots of work to be done….(gotta love those learning moments)
Also, by Thursday night we were both in agreement of not starting our 2nd in vitro cycle next week!! Or going further with any more infertility treatments.  Sounds crazy I know, but God has put a new journey in our hearts.

Drumroll please…..


I can’t explain the joy that both of us feel to make this decision! We went to an incredible adoption seminar Thursday night with America World Adoption (, an international Christian adoption agency. We hadn’t even made it out of the building afterwards before we each knew that this was God’s plan for us :). It’s amazing how the part of my heart that was broken, yearning for our own biological child has already been filled with love as we are already praying for our new baby (who hasnt been born yet.)
This past weekend we have been letting our family and close friends know the great news and everyone is excited! Granted we have been asked hundreds of questions with the biggest one being…why Africa? I promise….I am committed to keeping every part of this exciting adventure of becoming parents via a “paper pregnancy” every step of the way on my blog :).  Hopefully my posts will convey why we feel so strongly about our decision to adopt Internationally.
Even with the mounds of paperwork, the long waiting (we are guessing it will take a year and a half until we actually bring him home) and the MASSIVE cost…we are elated! We also know that even though we will be making a better life for one of God’s beautiful children, he will be enriching our life in more ways than we can even imagine :). The thought of our two trips to Africa is also overwhelmingly exciting! The first trip we get to meet him and the second we will be bringing him home :).

As always, I thank all my readers for their thoughts, prayers and love! May you all have a wonderful week ahead!


At dinner Thursday night after we had officially made the decision to start the  adoption ๐Ÿ™‚