This year for Valentine’s Day I had the opportunity to get out of town and head to LA for a week. This decision was not to be away from the most amazing man in the universe, (that just so happens to be my husband), but to happily run away from the memory of last year.

I honestly have never really liked Valentines Day. It is a stupid day that make men feel like they have to be rockstars for their significant other for just this one day. Then there are the people that do not have a lady/man friend that start dreading the holiday as soon as the Christmas tree is put in the garage. Stupid. Last year was the first year that I had actually ADORED the day, as it was the day that I found out for the first (and only at this point) that we were pregnant. I can still remember my heart racing… my stomach doing leaps of joy as somehow I made it out of the house without spilling all of the beans to my husband after taking a test! I wanted to surprise him. Over the last three years of trying to have a child I have had more ideas that I can even count on how to do it. Balloons, personal m&m’s, special dinner.. you name it, I had it planned in my head each month. I ended up at my little sisters house and she almost lost it when I told her her great news! The excitment was overwhelming for us both. Telling Chris that night was one of the most amazing moments of our life together thus far. That was then….

As I type this post hundredes of miles in the air on my way back home to Texas from Los Angeles, I feel that being away from my life on that day was a healthy decision. Our life has taken a new turn and we are now focused on adopting our son from Africa. The days of counting till ovulation, charting tempurtures, accupuncture, fertility medications….are a thing of the past. We are moving on to a new adventure of adoption not knowing if God does have us having our own biological child in the cards. I can honestly say both of our hearts are happy and complete because we know we are following God’s plan for us. 🙂

I will try to post Part 2 about my trip to LA soon, as it requires uploading pictures and it is still a pain to do since I can’t use my ipad to do it 🙂