Taking control for mom

Most days I am overjoyed and so incredibly Blessed at my growing belly.  I feel my sweet little girl inside of me and can’t help but thank God for this opportunity that I never thought I would experience.  I can’t think of anything more exciting or wonderful than having a baby with the love of my life and finally becoming a mother.

Other days I am scared and unsure when I have to think about my own mother and the decisions that need to be made.  Here recently she has been declining as the Alzheimer’s is taking control and I have had to take my blinders off and stop procrastinating on taking the next step with her care.  The biggest red flag for me is that she is no longer taking her medications.  She is hiding them in a drawer.  Other things like the lack of personal hygiene and constant confusion are revealing to me that the disease is progressing and not showing any signs of slowing down.  Most of the medical professionals I have spoken to have said that Early Onset Alzheimer’s moves much faster than the disease that plagues older adults.
There is also the sad, but some what funny story of her at our gender reveal party last month.  If you read my last blog you would know we found out the sex of our baby by eating cake pops.  Every one of our guests got a pop and we were all going to bite into them at the same time.  Well, don’t you worry… mom just thought she was being handed something sweet and totally ate it right away!  I happened to walk right by her and saw a stick in her hand as she chowed down.  I must have looked horrified because she goes, “What’s wrong?” with the entire ball of cake still in her mouth.  I saw dark, so I assumed we were having a boy.  Turns out… she must have be given a brownie pop by mistake, because inside the gender reveal pops were pink! Praise God! 🙂

All kidding aside these last few weeks I have really had to rely on prayer and pull strength from deep down inside of me.  My husband and I did a visit to an assisted living facility a few weeks ago and even though I knew we had found the right place for her, I had a major meltdown after leaving. I actually wanted to cry the moment we walked into the door.  I know my pregnancy hormones play a part, but the fact that I am having to make this life changing decision for her is a lot to take in. This will more and likely be the place she lives the rest of her days.  Heavy stuff.
We prayed about our decision and feel that we found the best place for her.  Even though it is painful to “give up control” of taking care of my mother, I know that this is the best thing for her.  We will move her into an Assisted living facility in three weeks and honestly part of me is relieved.  I know my sweet baby will enjoy a little less stress as well.

My mother will not be around for my daughter liked I had always hoped she would be, but I pray that these past few years of being my mother’s caregiver will help me be the best mother I can be for my own daughter and never take life for granted.


Our Gender Reveal Party!

Hello to all of my wonderful readers!  I wanted to do a post about our Gender Reveal Party that we did a few weeks ago because not only was a BLAST but it will probably be the last party I throw for a VERY long time!  I learned that night that when you have a human growing inside of you that you are much more limited on your abilities 😉
We decided right after the 1st trimester was over we wanted to do one of these fun parties.  Not only do I love to throw parties, but after 3 1/2 years of trying to have a baby we wanted to share a special moment with our family and closest friends.  I am VERY happy with the way it turned out.  Enjoy!

These were the invitations that we sent out.  Chris made the graphic and I did the rest.  These really set the scene for the party and hand making them was time consuming, but fun!

The front of our house before the party.

Our front porch. 

The set up in the entry way that had a guess the jelly beans game and we also asked guests to put their vote under boy or girl.

Our dining room was transformed into the buffet area.

Our yummy food with a chili bar for everyone.  My favorite touches were the bowls for the corn bread that were made out of carved pumpkins and the pumpkin cheese ball.  

My mantel.  I put up all of our sonogram pictures and 1st and most recent belly pictures.
These flowers were put on the tables outside.

Drink station (before the apple cider was in the dispenser.)

Dessert table!!  In the back are fruit skewers, the SPECIAL cake pops, lollipops and my dad made his yummy “world famous” sugar cookies for the occasion.  

These cake balls were not only beautiful, but yummy too!  Inside of all of the gray ones were pink or blue for the guests to find out what our little one was also!  Our pops that we ate were actual pumpkins.  

The cake pop/cake balls were made by ABC Cake Balls here in San Antonio.  I HIGHLY recommend Amy, she was professional and does a fantastic job!
My precious niece, Jaidyn with her apple cider <3

Some of our party people hanging out in our backyard.  It was a perfect evening!

Love this one <3

Our pastor, Coach Val and his wife Rosanne came and we felt to Blessed to have them at such a special occasion.  

The nightly routine of feeding the deer in the backyard became a show stopper at the party and everyone enjoyed it.  This is Chris with our niece.  
Before the big reveal we did a Old Wives Tale game.  My sister, Megan read off funny wives tales like,  “What was the baby’s last heart beat?” and I would put a pumpkin by what the old wives tale said the answer should be.  It was hilarious!

The old wives tales predicted…. GIRL!



With our pops before the big reveal.

Our adorable little pumpkin pops.
Quality stinks, but had to add this photo that was taken from a phone.  I love how I devoured the pop and Chris is just looking at mine.  🙂


We handed out these little gift bags to everyone that choose the right sex!  Candy and some Rev3 to help our guests with some healthy energy.
With my dad and step mom, Kirsten.

With my mom, Melanie.

With my Mama Lou and step dad, John.

With my in laws, Bob & Pam.

What a fun night!  I had so much fun planning and crafting for this party and couldn’t be happier about having a little girl!  I have a million more pictures, but didn’t want this post to be extremely long so I am sorry I didn’t post all of the pictures.  I will try to get them sent to everyone soon!  
Also, I need to give a HUGE shout out to my girlfriends who helped me with the party because without them it would not have happened.  Jaclyn, Veronica and Lisa…. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!   Lizzie & Megan, you two ROCK!  And to my guests The Klecka’s who came in all the way from Houston and came early to help my crazy preggo butt, I am SO THANKFUL for you both!  <3
And last but not least, Jamison for taking such wonderful pictures for us!  Love you Jammy!  
Let the little girl nursery planning begin!