When you first find out that you are pregnant you have that first spectacular ultrasound where you see that little “bean” on the screen and they measure it.  From that and your last period date they give you that magical number… your due date!  You go 9 months with that date constantly rolling around in your head.  When your body starts showing that cute little bump it seems that you are saying it almost daily to strangers that ask.  This magical date will be the day that your life changes forever…  Now what happens when this date comes, then goes and no baby?

Today officially marks our 41st week of pregnancy.  Goodness gracious.  We have been ready for this little girl since week 38 and it seems like we have been waiting for eternity.  I have nested all I can nest, I have cleaned and organized just about everything and frankly I am just bored!  I am not one to sit down and watch tv all day and one of the last things I want to do is get dressed and waddle my large self around in public.  Not to mention my maternity wardrobe is pretty slim because this belly is so big!

The amount of calls ,texts and Facebook messages on a daily basis are getting a bit overwhelming.  I know that everyone means well and wants to see her, but it is about to drive me to drink.  And I can’t drink, so it must stop!  With everything being so stream lined and viral these days, everyone will know when she decides to make her grand entrance.  I promise 🙂

Some days I get upset when I think about the one person who I always expected would be knocking down my door regarding updates on how I am feeling and how close we are to having her, is my mom.  She hasn’t called me in weeks.  I call her, but it just isn’t the same.  I try so hard not to feel sorry for myself, but I just want my mom.  I want her to hold me and tell me that everything is going be ok, let me know how strong I am, and how I am going to do great at bringing this angel into the world.  I know this will never happen and mourn for my mom often.  I absolutely hate Alzheimer’s and pray someday a cure is found.

The other part about being “late” is that other people freak out more than you do about her not being here.  I used “late ” because my midwife says that a baby is not late until AFTER 42 weeks.  I believe this mentality that babies should be born at 38-40 weeks is part of our “microwave society” way of thinking.  Everyone has a time table and it is usually sooner rather than later or I need it now!  That is why inductions are so common for women that have babies who are 40-42 weeks.
I can’t even count how many times people have said over the last week that I will have to have a c-section because she may be too big or that I should get induced and just get it over with!  Grrr!  The sad part is that it is starting to weigh on me.  I am starting to worry that my dream of having my natural birth at a birth center may not be a reality.  I even tossed around if I would be ok with being induced yesterday!  I refuse to give up, not yet.  I will stay strong and use whatever patience I have left to see how this little angel’s birth story plays out.  My midwife has said that 41 weeks, 3 days is her guess.
That is Friday… time will tell.  🙂