PSA on pregnant women

Today I have decided to come out of my blogging shell to share a little tid-bit that is really starting to drive me bananas.  Hard to believe it has been almost a year since I have posted.  I had all intentions of blogging more once my daughter was born in hopes of recording this new found life called motherhood.  Didn’t happen.
Part of me was having a hard time putting my life out there in public and part being confused on where my blog was now headed.  Since it initially started as a way to talk about my love of Bikram Yoga, then a “Trying to Conceive” journey as we fought to have children for over 4 years and finally a little of my life as a young 30 something dealing with a mom with early onset Alzheimer’s Disease.  I am at a loss of where the blog should be headed, but figure a few posts here and there may help me with some direction.
I have now been extremely Blessed with a beautiful daughter and another on the way.  Soon enough I will have two girls under 2.  Lord help me!  My mother is still in a “memory care” facility and is happy, but definitely not getting any better.

Now lets get into the reason while I felt I needed to get my thoughts written down.  Pregnancy.

When a woman is pregnant I believe she should feel absolutely beautiful.  She is growing a tiny human for petes sake!  Yet, in my years of experiencing pregnancy I am noticing a lot of VERY tacky people.  Now first let me tell some of you who may not have ever seen me in person a little about me.  I am a stunning 5’1″ tall on a good day.  I am not only vertically challenged, but have a short torso and have always been endowed.  Oh the days I would dream about how I would look in a bikini with a long torso….

I digress…

With my first pregnancy I remember around Christmas time (about 7 months or so pregnant), I came home crying to my husband one day because twice while I was out shopping that day I was asked if I was due soon.  Of course when I told people I was not….some amazing comments have followed.  “Is your due date correct?”, “Wow, your really big!” and my personal favorite.. “Are you sure it isn’t twins?”
This pregnancy is no different, but this time around I have much thicker skin.
Today got me all fired up because I went to go visit my mom and the lady at the front desk really annoyed me!!  Luckily, my parents taught me to respect my elders so this sweet older lady will get no slack from me, but who says I can not write about it!  đź™‚
Going into mom’s facility you have to enter a code (memory care is a lock down facility with multiple codes needed in different wings.)  When she saw me through the glass doors she pressed her super special button so I didn’t have to press the code.  Then proceeded to tell me, “When I see you I just feel so bad for you because your just so big, I just want to help you out!”  Really lady….

A few weeks ago while we were out at the Parade of Homes if I was, “Walking my baby out.”   Hmmmm…. at 23 weeks I sure hope my daughter was not ready to be born!
Almost daily I get comments on the size of my baby bump and how big I am.  I try not to let it bother me, but some days I really want to tell people exactly how they are making me feel.  I’m pretty sure I don’t go up to random strangers and comment on their weight or personal appearance, so why people think it is OK to say things that honestly are none of their business BLOWS MY MIND!!
And let me also say that I am in the gym at least three days a week and my midwives say I measure right on track as I did with my first pregnancy.

Today at 28 weeks with my current daughter:

At 28 weeks with my first daughter:

Now as I end my rant today I know that the resolution is very easy… just don’t say anything to a pregnant woman!  And if you do, only say how beautiful she looks.
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