A few weeks ago I threw my daughter a 2nd Birthday Party.  2!!!!

Seriously.. where does the time go?  I am learning the joys of having a small child and “themes” of parties as well.  Up until about a few months before the party I was for sure that a Sesame Street theme would be exactly what she wanted.  She had become obsessed with Elmo almost overnight.  I had even been collecting items to use for her party over the past several months.  Then my sweet girl decided that she was going to become completely and totally attached to her Minnie Mouse doll that I bought in Disney Land when I was pregnant with her.  She wouldn’t leave the house without it and it became attached to her permanently.  The picture below is her “school” picture from her Mothers Day Out program.  They couldn’t even get a picture of her without Minnie.  <3  So a Minnie party it was!

When it comes to planning parties I may get a bit crazy, but I can’t lie.  I LOVE it!  If I didn’t enjoy the late nights of decorating, the planning out every detail and the glue gun burns then I wouldn’t do it.  But I honestly do.  And now being a mother I am discovering I like it a lot!  For Adalynn’s 2nd Birthday I did scale down a bit more than I did for her first (I still never posted about her 1st because I was so exhausted after and was pregnant.)  There are so many ideas that I could have done, but didn’t.  I tried my hardest to stay of Pinterest and really let my own imagination run wild.  I also had a very sweet friend from my MOPS group that had a Minnie Bday for her daughter (and has a Cricut) and she let me have some of her decorations.  Was an adorable and fairly stress free party if I do say so myself!  And there were NO goodie bags… just a cookie for our guests.  Best idea ever.


This picture kills me!  She was waving at everyone as they sang her Happy Birthday!  So adorable!

I had such a wonderful time celebrating my sweet Addy’s 2nd Birthday and am looking forward to many more Birthday’s to come for my girls.  <3