Tonight as I put my daughters to sleep in their room my conversation with them ended with the phrase, “10 more minutes of reading to your sister and then lights out.” Becoming overcome with emotions I thanked God for the Blessing of my children. I love how He uses my children to reflect back on my own life.

I looked at my oldest daughter, Addy and said, “Someday big sister you are going to miss these days. The days of late night laughter and silly stories.” I then had images of my own late nights with my little sister Megan, laughing until we didn’t know what we were laughing about. The matching Pottery Barn beds with the comfy purple polka dot bedspreads that were only a few feet apart. The nights when I shared a room with my big sister Kerry on her trundle bed with the huge swatch watch against the back wall. It was in that room that I heard the song “Enter Sandman” for the first time and then having nightmares for weeks! Hiding kittens in our bedroom drawers and hoping our Mom didn’t find them. Visiting my older sister Stacy in Waco and feeling like the most special person in the world because that is how she made everyone feel when you were with her. Except I always felt I had the upper hand on everyone else because I was her baby sister. The stories and life I shared with my sisters in those early days seem like a dream now. Those are the days that made me love my sisters more than anyone else in the world. It may have only lasted a few years, but those were some of the best days of my young life. Before I was even capable of keeping a solid relationship with any other woman, my sisters were all I knew. We had to make it work, the good the bad and the ugly.

My husband and I have had the conversation a few times about putting the girls in their own rooms. I quickly respond with, “It isn’t time.” I told Addy tonight to not try to rush getting her own room because she would miss her silly little sister and their special time before they close their eyes for the last time that day. These are the days that these sisters can never get back. The foundation of what I pray is a relationship that will stand the test of time. Two souls tied together by laughter, friendship, God and sisterhood.