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Ever since I can remember I have dreamed of being a mom.  It started at an early age as it does with most small girls with dolls and a massive Barbie collection.

And just like any fairy tale I knew that I would marry my prince (I did) and then have at least one of our 3- 4 children before I turned 30 years old.

Truth:  Fairy tales are not real!

It was a long journey to finally become parents, but with my faith in the Lord, and the most supportive, amazing man on the planet by my side I saw the light at the end of this very dark tunnel and knew someday our dream would come true.

OUR TTC (Trying to Conceive) JOURNEY:

3-22-09 –  Decided it was time to start our family!

5- 14-10 –  Went to our first Infertility Clinic to have initial tests run.

*They found nothing wrong with either of us in the initial testing.  We decided to wait to proceed with any more testing, confident it would happen on it’s own.

2-14-11 –  Valentine’s Day…Got our FIRST positive pregnancy test!!!  ELATED!!

3-17-11 –  Miscarried 🙁

* Decided at the end of March to start Clomid via my OBGYN

August 2011 – Ended the last of the 6 month maximum dose of Clomid.

September 2011 – Went to a different Fertility Clinic referred by a friend to start IVF.  “Go big or go home” was my TTC motto!

October 2011 – During routine tests done before the IVF cycle they found that I still have some of the miscarriage in my uterus.  Was told I needed hysteroscopy to remove what they had found.

10-13-11 – Outpatient hysteroscopy.

11- 9- 11 –  Start IVF Medications

12- 15- 11 – Found out our first IVF cycle failed.

1-12-12-  Decided to cancel 2nd IVF cycle and all further infertility treatments and adopt a child from Ethiopia 🙂

*Continued with adoption process and finished paperwork and was about to start the home study process…

March 2012  My mom’s Alzheimer’s was getting worse and I needed to focus on her and her care so we put our adoption plans on hold.

two-of-us7-6-12  Found out we were pregnant!  Au Natural!  Praise God!  Estimated Due Date 3/12/13

3-24-12  Our sweet baby girl was born at 6:28pm.  Ended up with a C-section after being a few days short of 42 weeks and failure to progress.  8# 13oz 21 3/4″

2- 14- 14  SURPRISE!  We found out we were pregnant again!!!

10- 28- 14  Our second baby girl was born at 3: 07am.  Successful VBAC (vaginal birth after c-section)  9# 3oz 21 1/2” at Birth Center of Stone Oak.

5-10-16  One of biggest shocks of our life… we had a SON at 4:44pm.  Another successful VBAC at the Birth Center of Stone Oak.  He was our largest at 9# 9oz and 21 1/2″.



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Breastfeeding Hell – The finale

Not so very long ago I was going through one of the hardest times that I had ever experienced as a mom. A non- latcher. He wouldn’t breastfeed. I went through a gamete of emotions surrounding this and was closer to giving up than I ever had been at anything. My son is my 3rd child in 3 years. This breastfeeding thing was not new to me!

Breastfeeding Hell

Today my son is 3 weeks old.  It also marks the fact that 3 weeks have passed and I have yet to breastfeed him.  Now to some of you it may not seem like that is a big deal.  To me, it is one of the most heart breaking things that I have encountered in motherhood. ...

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