Fastest 2 Years of my Life!

Tonight I wanted to tuck my little girl into bed.  Usually this is a “daddy thing” as my husband does bath and bed with our oldest daughter.  I was feeling a little nostalgic as it was the last night that by baby would be 1 years old.  When I went to tell her goodnight she said, “Mama hold you.”  Of course I wanted nothing more than to hold her.  I gladly picked her up and sat in the rocker that was my moms that I was rocked in as a child.  I rocked her slowly and told her how much I loved her.  Tears came to my eyes as I thought back to how special the day was that I became a mother.  A day that will forever change who I am and who I will become. It was a day that I prayed and hoped for my entire life.  I held her tight and thanked God for this sweet girl and the opportunity to be her mother. 

Her legs are no longer curled up by my belly but now in my lap, my baby is no longer a baby.  She is a toddler with thoughts, dreams and a mind of her own. She is extremely smart and continues to amaze us daily.  She as known her entire alphabet since she was a little over 1, knows her shapes, colors, her animals and their sounds, how to count to 20 and her vocabulary is insane!  I tell people all the time I wish I could contribute her brilliance to what we are doing, but she honestly loves to learn! I pray she never loses this yearning for more. She also loves “her people.”  Everyone who is in her circle of family/friends she adores and talks about them daily.  We call it “role call” and while she is in bed you can hear her talking about everyone.  And she never, ever forgets a name or face.  Once your in.. your in.  <3  She has also taken to becoming a big sister beautifully.  She is so gentle and kind with Everleigh and includes her in everything.  She is the first person she asks for in the morning and the last before she goes to bed.  Impromptu hugs and kisses for her baby sister are the norm.  She also likes to hold her even if it only lasts for a few seconds.  <3  (I honestly think she does not like to hold her very long because her “little” sister is well on her way to being bigger than her!)

Her “Mem-me” mouse that she is holding in the picture above is with her EVERYWHERE.  It rarely leaves her side.  That is pretty special for me since I got it while I was pregnant and went to Disney Land.  She was a good eater until a few months ago and now eating a vegetable is few and far between, but we aren’t giving up.  Her favorite food right now is hummus!  No lie, the kid could eat it morning, noon and night!  That and her USANA shakes.  Without fail we know she will always eat (or drink) them both.  She wants to be outside any opportunity she can and her favorite thing to do is swing.  Daddy recently got her a big girl swing and she was so happy!  She started “school” a Mothers Day Out at a local church in February and is loving it!  She adores her teachers and talks about them everyday. It is hard to have her away for a few hours each week, but I know it will help her in the long run.  Her Oma & Opa are two of her favorite people and we love watching her bond with them grow.  We couldn’t be happier that they are retired and are able to enjoy her as often as they want her and she loves, loves, loves her time with them.  <3

The last two years have gone by entirely too fast.  I wish nothing more than it to slow down, yet I look forward to what she will become.  I pray that she will be a strong, powerful woman who loves the Lord and follows her heart.  I feel so thankful and Blessed for these past two years for my sweet Adalynn Elaine.  I know that all of the struggles that I am having with my own mother are helping to really give me perspective on being a mother.  On appreciating life and every day we have on this earth.  Happy 2nd Birthday my sweet girl.  Your mommy loves you more than you will ever know.