A whole new world

Today I took a step back from my life and still can’t believe how much things have changed since I have become a parent.  Now don’t get me wrong, I thought I  “knew” how our life would be; no sleep, less freedom, etc etc
Honestly now I can say I had no idea what exactly being a parent would be like.  Along with that lack of sleep comes this love.  A love that is completely indescribable to anyone who has yet to have the privilege to become a parent.  It absolutely shakes you to the core.  I look at my beautiful miracle and many of my little moments with her bring me to tears.  I am so grateful for this opportunity to be her mommy.  Don’t get me wrong, the loud crying, nasty diaper blowouts and unpredictability of what each day brings can really stink, but I would not trade it for the world.

These past two months have been a hot mess.  Having a newborn is intense and as a first time mom I felt as if time was standing still and I would forever be on this crazy ride.  Someone recently told me being a parent means, “The days go by slow and the years fast.”  Definitely the truth.
More than anything I have wanted to sit down and write, but there has been absolutely no time.  Taking care of a newborn is serious business and I am just now feeling like I have a little bit more control of my days.  Finally, I am starting to feel that I am figuring this mommy thing out!  πŸ™‚
I have felt so lost with all of my thoughts pounding around in my head and not having the time to get them out.  I am doing some writing, but mainly for her.  I am keeping up with her 1st year book, pregnancy journal and a journal that I have been writing to her since before she was conceived and have also written a few posts but have never published them.
The fact that I am finally able to sit down and pound out a blog post makes me so very happy.  I am starting to feel like myself again and not this zombie of a new mom just changing poopy diapers and putting her to my boob to eat!

Since becoming a mother myself some deep rooted emotions that having a mother with early onset Alzheimer’s brings have surfaced.  The past few years of taking care of my mother I believe I was going through the motions of making sure she was taken care of.  Now she is in a facility to help her with her disease and I am in somewhat of a grieving phase.  I am not quite ready to publish my feelings, but with The Lord’s help I know I will be able to move into acceptance of this new reality.  I know that having a daughter of my own was a wink from Him, everything happens with His perfect timing. 

In other news …I am finally doing my first half marathon!  I am really excited about it and started training in May!  Last year my husband and I had signed up for the Rock and Roll 1/2 Marathon and I got pregnant a month later.  Thank goodness they announced a 5K, so I could at least experience a little bit of what it was like to be in a big race.  What energy!  I loved looking around at everyone around me who had spent months and months preparing for this one moment… to accomplish a goal of crossing the finish line.  This year I feel even more convicted to accomplish this goal.  We are doing The Chosen in which all proceeds will go to a friend from church who is adopting a sweet little boy.  I simply can’t wait for the experience of seeing how God moves all 13.1 miles in New Braunfels in October.  If you are interested in walking or running with us, please let me know.  There is also the option to “sleep walk” if you want to donate.  If adoption tugs at your heart strings like it does mine, please consider helping!

Here’s to hoping that now that my beautiful daughter is on more of a schedule that I have more time to stretch my fingers on the keyboard again.  My life has become even crazier of a ride, but I’m loving every minute of it!

Have a great weekend.

Adalynn’s Nursery

When we found out we were having a little girl it took me forever to figure out how I wanted to decorate the nursery.  The only thing I did know is I didn’t want it “baby” and I wanted it to be classic and soft.  Once I found the bedding and the crib, the rest followed.  I wanted to spend money on a crib that would be an heirloom, but wanted the rest of the furniture to family pieces.  
We feel so Blessed to finally be able to be parents and the nursery has become our favorite room in the house!  Hope you like it!

The ball decorations above the crib are actually from all three of our baby showers.  We love that she will be able to stare at them as they represent all the love our friends and family already have for her!    The rocking chair was my mom’s before I was born and my husband refinished it.  I love that I will be rocking her in the chair that I was also rocked in!  Will have a future post on his fabulous furniture re-finishing skills!  The bedside table was my little sister’s that she was throwing out and I saved it from the dumpster. 

It is hard to see with the glare from pictures, but this is the scripture that is on the wall by her crib.  We prayed long and hard for this gift of a child and will be forever grateful The Lord has answered our prayers.

Crib: Bratt Decor
Bedding:  Carousel Designs

The wall still needs a little work, but I found the mirror at Goodwill and the misc. frames at Hobby Lobby.  I have fabric from her bedding in some of the frames and will fill in the rest with her newborn pictures.

I LOVE how the dresser turned out and my husband did such a great job!  I found it at an antique store and it was painted black and had different hardware.  He refinished it, put new hardware on it and now it really is a work of art.  

On the dresser I have some of my baby shoes and one of the sweet things from one of our baby showers that has scriptures with her name added on each.  I could not resist the classic perfume bottle from Hobby Lobby.

A wishing tree from another one of our showers in which our family & friends wrote wishes for our sweet girl.  

One of our favorite maternity pictures that I put in the frame and added burlap around it since it was an odd shape.  Erin Crista Photography.. we love you!

The bookshelf was mine as a child and my husband refinished it to match everything else.  We love the letters that were done by a sweet friend, Lindsay Gatto.

I got this adorable bow holder idea off Pinterest.  Found a frame at Goodwill and my husband spray painted it gray and added the hooks at the bottom for me.  I glued ribbon on the back and the little flower embellishments.  This sweet girl has ALOT of bows for not even being born yet!  πŸ˜‰

To close this post I had to show of a picture of the precious little “diaper monkey” we got at one of my showers!  Isn’t it amazing?!  I love making diaper cakes, but am pretty sure I will never attempt this thing.  We just can’t seem to take it apart!

Please pray our little angel comes soon friends… WE ARE READY!!!

Be Blessed,

Waiting.. and waiting…

When you first find out that you are pregnant you have that first spectacular ultrasound where you see that little “bean” on the screen and they measure it.  From that and your last period date they give you that magical number… your due date!  You go 9 months with that date constantly rolling around in your head.  When your body starts showing that cute little bump it seems that you are saying it almost daily to strangers that ask.  This magical date will be the day that your life changes forever…  Now what happens when this date comes, then goes and no baby?

Today officially marks our 41st week of pregnancy.  Goodness gracious.  We have been ready for this little girl since week 38 and it seems like we have been waiting for eternity.  I have nested all I can nest, I have cleaned and organized just about everything and frankly I am just bored!  I am not one to sit down and watch tv all day and one of the last things I want to do is get dressed and waddle my large self around in public.  Not to mention my maternity wardrobe is pretty slim because this belly is so big!

The amount of calls ,texts and Facebook messages on a daily basis are getting a bit overwhelming.  I know that everyone means well and wants to see her, but it is about to drive me to drink.  And I can’t drink, so it must stop!  With everything being so stream lined and viral these days, everyone will know when she decides to make her grand entrance.  I promise πŸ™‚

Some days I get upset when I think about the one person who I always expected would be knocking down my door regarding updates on how I am feeling and how close we are to having her, is my mom.  She hasn’t called me in weeks.  I call her, but it just isn’t the same.  I try so hard not to feel sorry for myself, but I just want my mom.  I want her to hold me and tell me that everything is going be ok, let me know how strong I am, and how I am going to do great at bringing this angel into the world.  I know this will never happen and mourn for my mom often.  I absolutely hate Alzheimer’s and pray someday a cure is found.

The other part about being “late” is that other people freak out more than you do about her not being here.  I used “late ” because my midwife says that a baby is not late until AFTER 42 weeks.  I believe this mentality that babies should be born at 38-40 weeks is part of our “microwave society” way of thinking.  Everyone has a time table and it is usually sooner rather than later or I need it now!  That is why inductions are so common for women that have babies who are 40-42 weeks.
I can’t even count how many times people have said over the last week that I will have to have a c-section because she may be too big or that I should get induced and just get it over with!  Grrr!  The sad part is that it is starting to weigh on me.  I am starting to worry that my dream of having my natural birth at a birth center may not be a reality.  I even tossed around if I would be ok with being induced yesterday!  I refuse to give up, not yet.  I will stay strong and use whatever patience I have left to see how this little angel’s birth story plays out.  My midwife has said that 41 weeks, 3 days is her guess.
That is Friday… time will tell.  πŸ™‚


Our Birth Plan: The natural decision

Well, here we are…. just days away from giving birth to our first child that we had prayed so very hard for.  After almost 5 years we will finally enter the “parenthood club.”  It is amazing that it is already almost over!  We are ready for her and the waiting game has officially started.

With the impending arrival of our angel baby more people have been asking about what hospital, delivery, when we will be induced etc.  I wanted to do a short post on what our plan was (I could probably write a book at this point with the information I have collected over the years), but I will save you with the cliff notes version.
In a nutshell we are using a birth center instead of a hospital.  We have been seeing a midwife (who I adore) since week 9 and no, there will be no pain medication!  We will be less than 5 miles from a hospital, so if something were to happen we are not far.  Don’t worry…I am not a hippie (even though some of you who knew me in college may think differently.)  πŸ™‚
I believe that every woman should have some education on childbirth and she is allowed the decision on how to bring her children into this world.
If your interested in more details, read below!

Ever since I can remember I have wanted to have a natural child birth.  I never quite knew what that entailed, but I knew I wanted to experience having a baby as God intended.. pain and all.  The way I saw it was that our ancestors had done without epidurals, pain medication, C-sections etc.  Why couldn’t I do it if they did?  Now don’t get me wrong.. I am VERY grateful for modern medicine and there are instances where intervention is needed, but most babies can be born without any.

When we first started trying to have a baby four years ago I started researching natural child birth.  The statistics I found were startling.  Did you know in 1900 around 95% of all births were in the home?  The story goes that in the early 1900 that physicians began a smear campaign in order to discredit midwifes/home births and make them seem out of date.  The gleaming, clean, hospitals began to be portrayed as the newer, safer method for childbirth.
There is also the ever present epidural argument.  I have heard from so many woman that they would rather get an epidural so they could no longer feel the pain of childbirth.  It does kill the pain, but also kills natural contractions.  So.. then comes pitocin!  Pitocin makes contractions longer, stronger and closer together, which cause more pain and usually another epidural.  This is a very stressful situation for mom and baby.  And usually after a short amount of time a cesarean is often ordered.  I don’t even want to get started to C-sections, but realize that in 1965 there was a 4.5% cesarean rate and in 2010 it was at 33%!  That is 1 in 3 women having a c section!  And the most recent trend is scheduling C sections because woman think it is easier!  What really made me angry a few years ago was when my 23 year old sister’s doctor let her SCHEDULE a c-section!  Seriously??!!  Doctors (or hospitals) don’t seem to have the time to wait around for a woman to labor naturally, so alternate measures are usually used (epidurals,pitocin, c-sections.)    My opinion is hospitals, insurance & drug companies are in bed together.  It’s all about making money.  Did you know it is almost impossible to get insurance companies to cover birth centers?  I find this insane because it is so much cheaper for a low risk woman to give birth at home or in a birth center!  It makes no sense!
Everyone who I have talked to that has had a natural (no drugs) birthing experience has nothing but amazing things to say about how it went, the initial bonding with the baby was incredible and quicker recoveries.  Realize labor “work” is a natural process of having a child and drugs decrease performance and no amount of mimicking contractions or covering pain will help your body do what God intended it to and in turn is a greater chance medial intervention will be necessary.

After all of the research and watching many documentaries on the subject, we decided on a birthing center.  I HIGHLY recommend watching “The Business of Being Born.” (Its on Netflix)  It is a little over an hour and it will give you an idea of your choices.  And that my friends is wealth… the knowledge to make a decision regarding your body and baby.
At first my husband was a little apprehensive because just about everyone imagines their baby being born at a hospital, but he is completely on board now and I think excited to see how it all will happen as well!

We decided to take Bradley Method classes (Husband coached childbirth) to get us prepared for labor.  It was a wonderful experience.  Not only to be more educated on the birthing/labor process, but also to being with other couples who have the same thoughts on child birth and due dates around the same time.  Even though it was a 12 week class for 2 hours a week, we really looked forward to it every week!  I highly recommend looking into Bradley classes if you want to have a natural birth either at home, a birth center, or even a hospital.

So… this post ended up longer than I thought, but I wanted to write down my thoughts and opinions on our decision because I felt that I was having to explain myself so often.  As I said, each woman is entitled to choose how they want to give birth and has options.  I pray she researches them beforehand instead of doing as the masses do and not knowing why.

Be Blessed,

Almost time for baby!

Last week officially marked my 9th month of pregnancy!  If our angel was born anytime from here on out she will be full term.  It is still strange and wonderful to think our due date is in 3 weeks and we are about to FINALLY be parents.  What an absolute Blessing.  Sometimes I laugh because its the calm before the storm.  We think we know what we are about to get ourselves into, but I know we have no idea!
The nursery is close to finished, minus a few decorating touches; clothes are washed and folded, most of our bag is packed and ready to go for when we go into labor and we are feeling pretty prepared for D day!  It was amazing how fast, yet how slow the entire pregnancy has been.  I really have savored every moment.  Every turn, every kick, every hiccup… I tell her how much I love her and how thankful we are that she is ours <3  Her daddy is already so very in love with her and talks to her when ever he gets a chance.  It absolutely melts my heart when he reads scripture to her.  She is going to be one annointed little girl, I am certain.
My mother is finally more aware that we are expecting and that makes me so happy.  I’m pretty sure that my VERY large belly makes it hard for her to forget!  She doesn’t ever remember that its a girl, or what our princess’s name will be but I will take what I can.  Last week my phenominal husband took her to Babies R Us so she could pick out what she wanted for the baby shower this past weekend and he said she was very excited!  I love my husband more than words can ever express, but the little things like that make me so grateful that we found eachother.  He is such an amazing husband and I can’t wait to watch him blossom into the fantastic father I know he will be.  I get so emotional when I think about how truly Blessed I am.  Not only do I have a handsome, kind, gentle and loving husband but God has now gifted us with a child.  I have and will always give ALL the glory to God for it all.  <3
Last week was our last Bradley birthing class and our baby shower this past Sunday was incredible!  My sister, good friend and my many mothers made the day absolutely perfect.
The birth photographer is hired (yes, I did and I’m excited about it) and we are just about ready.  We can’t wait for the big day and to see what our precious angel’s birth story looks like!  I am a bit nervous, but confident that our natural childbirth decision will go exactly as planned.

Next blog post… Our Birth Plan: The natural decision πŸ™‚

Be Blessed,

Our Gender Reveal Party!

Hello to all of my wonderful readers!  I wanted to do a post about our Gender Reveal Party that we did a few weeks ago because not only was a BLAST but it will probably be the last party I throw for a VERY long time!  I learned that night that when you have a human growing inside of you that you are much more limited on your abilities πŸ˜‰
We decided right after the 1st trimester was over we wanted to do one of these fun parties.  Not only do I love to throw parties, but after 3 1/2 years of trying to have a baby we wanted to share a special moment with our family and closest friends.  I am VERY happy with the way it turned out.  Enjoy!

These were the invitations that we sent out.  Chris made the graphic and I did the rest.  These really set the scene for the party and hand making them was time consuming, but fun!

The front of our house before the party.

Our front porch. 

The set up in the entry way that had a guess the jelly beans game and we also asked guests to put their vote under boy or girl.

Our dining room was transformed into the buffet area.

Our yummy food with a chili bar for everyone.  My favorite touches were the bowls for the corn bread that were made out of carved pumpkins and the pumpkin cheese ball.  

My mantel.  I put up all of our sonogram pictures and 1st and most recent belly pictures.
These flowers were put on the tables outside.

Drink station (before the apple cider was in the dispenser.)

Dessert table!!  In the back are fruit skewers, the SPECIAL cake pops, lollipops and my dad made his yummy “world famous” sugar cookies for the occasion.  

These cake balls were not only beautiful, but yummy too!  Inside of all of the gray ones were pink or blue for the guests to find out what our little one was also!  Our pops that we ate were actual pumpkins.  

The cake pop/cake balls were made by ABC Cake Balls here in San Antonio.  I HIGHLY recommend Amy, she was professional and does a fantastic job!
My precious niece, Jaidyn with her apple cider <3

Some of our party people hanging out in our backyard.  It was a perfect evening!

Love this one <3

Our pastor, Coach Val and his wife Rosanne came and we felt to Blessed to have them at such a special occasion.  

The nightly routine of feeding the deer in the backyard became a show stopper at the party and everyone enjoyed it.  This is Chris with our niece.  
Before the big reveal we did a Old Wives Tale game.  My sister, Megan read off funny wives tales like,  “What was the baby’s last heart beat?” and I would put a pumpkin by what the old wives tale said the answer should be.  It was hilarious!

The old wives tales predicted…. GIRL!



With our pops before the big reveal.

Our adorable little pumpkin pops.
Quality stinks, but had to add this photo that was taken from a phone.  I love how I devoured the pop and Chris is just looking at mine.  πŸ™‚


We handed out these little gift bags to everyone that choose the right sex!  Candy and some Rev3 to help our guests with some healthy energy.
With my dad and step mom, Kirsten.

With my mom, Melanie.

With my Mama Lou and step dad, John.

With my in laws, Bob & Pam.

What a fun night!  I had so much fun planning and crafting for this party and couldn’t be happier about having a little girl!  I have a million more pictures, but didn’t want this post to be extremely long so I am sorry I didn’t post all of the pictures.  I will try to get them sent to everyone soon!  
Also, I need to give a HUGE shout out to my girlfriends who helped me with the party because without them it would not have happened.  Jaclyn, Veronica and Lisa…. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!   Lizzie & Megan, you two ROCK!  And to my guests The Klecka’s who came in all the way from Houston and came early to help my crazy preggo butt, I am SO THANKFUL for you both!  <3
And last but not least, Jamison for taking such wonderful pictures for us!  Love you Jammy!  
Let the little girl nursery planning begin!