My baby is not a baby


Someone told me when my eldest daughter was a baby that the days are long and the years are short.  It couldn’t be more true.

I can not even believe that my baby girl will be 6 months old tomorrow.  How did it go by faster this time than my first child??  I am sure part of it is that the girls are only 18 months apart, but it needs to stop!!  Right now it is 10:00 at night and I am watching sweet baby E roll around on the floor in the living room.  From her back to her stomach and then to her back again.  She loves her new “game.”  Since this kid has been 3 months old she has gone down at 8pm, sometimes sooner.  She isn’t a consistent sleeper though the niter and do have a pretty regular nursing session at 4am.  I want to finally move her into her room, but it will be sad to see my baby go.  I will however enjoy hopefully sleeping a continuous 8 hours (I hope.)
Tonight she is smiling, laughing and acting as if it was 10 in the morning.  Hmmm…  It has to be a growth spurt or another tooth. Infants are so unpredictable, but I love that about them.  One of the many things I adore about my #2 is her amazing disposition. For example.. something is definitely up with her and she is happy and laughing and “purring” like a champ.  She is like this 99% of the time!  We are so very Blessed with this baby girl.

At this time 6 short months ago we were at the Birth Center and I was in active labor.  My dreams of a successful VBAC (vaginal birth after c-section) were about to come true!  These past few months I have been going through some serious personal growth and whenever I get down on myself about something or have negative self talk, I remind myself about my birth with Everleigh.  I have never EVER worked so hard at anything and been so determined.  Praise God for my friend Chelsea Lietz and the pictures she took of our birth.  If you or anyone you know are on the fence about birth photography.. DO IT!  Natural, drugs, c-section, in the woods.. I don’t care how you bring a miracle into this world, but get it on film from someone that isn’t as vested as you and your partner!  And ps. If you are in South Texas look up Chelsea.  She is pretty stinking incredible at Newborn Photography, but I continue to be constantly impressed by her skills in other areas!

My goal in the next week or so is to finally write out my birth story in entirety.  Not only for me, but to inspire someone else that may have a dream of a natural birth as I did.  Until then, watch the video of my sweet baby girl’s Birthday.  I promise there are no super graphic photos.  Those are just for us!  <3
Birth of Baby E by Chelsea Lietz

Be Blessed,