Long time no talk

Our beautiful new house in Timberwood Park

My fingers are rusty.  It was very strange to sign in to my blog this morning.  It has been entirely too long!  Seems most of my writing has been in my personal diary and I have completely neglected my blog πŸ™
Life is crazy these days and God is working wonders.  Some days we pinch ourselves because life is moving at super speed!!  Many of my friends and loyal readers of my “journey” that is life have asked about the adoption, our house, etc so here is the 411 πŸ™‚

Adoption:  We were moving through the adoption process at record timing getting all of the paperwork, medical exams and all of the other fun that adoption entails done.
Speed bump…. we took my mom to a neurologist in February to have a more intensive exam done on her for her Alzheimer’s and a MRI.  The neurologist concluded that mom needed to make a move sooner rather than later.  Either with us, or into a more controlled environment (assisted living.)  Ahh!  Well, after many hours of discussion the hubs and I decided we could not possibly build our house soon enough to get her settled so we sadly sold our Spring Branch land back to the developers πŸ™  We then decided that finding a house was our fastest option and the house hunting began…
Since we knew we were going to move soon we stopped the adoption process because there was no need to do the home study part twice and pay all the money to do it again in a new home.  We are hoping to start again in the next few months once we get settled.

Mom:  Mom seemed to be getting worse for a while, but then strangely started getting a bit better.  Remembering the day of the week, being more social and now she has decided she does not want to move in with us.  Super news because we close on the house next week!  (sarcasm)
At some point she will not have a choice on what makes her happy, I know that, but if she can still do most everything on her own my thoughts are to let her stay in the retirement community for a while longer.  I have been reading a ton of books on Alzheimer’s and care taking in general and I just wish there were some sort of guidelines on what to do, but there are not.  Basically I am just going to have to time it right, so she doesn’t hurt herself or burn down her apartment.  Lord help us.

Our new house:  Is amazing!  After a few months of trying to find the perfect place we were getting frustrated.  We couldn’t find anything with a mother in law suite that we loved and in the area of town that we wanted to be in.  The last month or so we just focused on anything and everything for sale in the neighborhood that we wanted:  Timberwood Park.  We were determined!  And we finally found it!  It doesn’t have a house for mom yet, but there is plenty of space to do it and it should only take a few months to build.  It is over an 1/2 an acre and the lot next door is for sale and both lots together are over an acre πŸ™‚  We will probably purchase that lot somewhere down the line.  There are beautiful old oak trees on the property that I picture our kids swinging from.  It is HUGE with 5 bedrooms and a game room that comes with a pool table (Chris’s favorite part.)  The funny thing is that when everyone see’s the house they say how big it is for just the two of us!  My thoughts are…”If you build it, they (children) will come.”  We couldn’t be happier or more proud to finally be HOMEOWNERS!!  Closing is next week and we hope to be moved in at the beginning of August.

Even though life has been a bit crazy and un predictable these days we are grateful and Praise God for it all!  We are excited about moving on to another chapter in our life πŸ™‚
I pray that all of you are well and have had a wonderful summer!