Travelin’ Tarah

I am honestly disappointed with myself that I did not have one post for the month of March!  One of the goals I had for 2012 was to have a post at least 4 times each month.
I do have a great excuse though!  After next week is over I will be able to say that I have traveled to Los Angeles, New York City, Charleston and San Francisco in 7 weeks!  I also attended a life changing 4 day women’s retreat with our church in New Braunfels.  Another three day weekend I had my favorite business training of the year in San Marcos,TX. This event has catapulted our organization and God is doing wonders in all of our lives!

Am I Crazy?… yes!  Blessed to have the opportunity to do this kind of travel?…A HUGE YES!!!

During this short amount of time I have also attended two baby showers and four of our other friends have had babies! To the Marion’s.. I apologize with all of my heart that I haven’t met your beautiful triplets yet, our precious little Lauren Miller… I can’t wait to meet little Tucker, and Beautiful Erica Casas.. Carter is absolutely perfect! I hope each one of you know what important women you are to me and I can’t wait to meet your bundle of joys!!!! Audra and Jeff.. glad I did get to meet sweet Alivia and change that dirty diaper for you πŸ™‚ I will continue to pray for wisdom, peace and sleep in each one of your lives πŸ™‚

Quite a few people have also been asking me about the adoption process this past month. It is going… but slowly. Before I started doing all of the travel I was on a mission of getting things done as quickly as possible to keep the process at a fast pace. That quickly stopped with the massive amount of time being away from home and the news I got a few weeks ago via email. While I was in NYC there was a conference call for the Ethiopia program. I did put a reminder in my phone, but completely forgot πŸ™  A few hours later I got an email that was an overview of the call. Not good news. The program is experiencing some slowdowns because of the African Embassy. This is something that no one can control. Our wait time has now increased to 2- 2/12 years for our son.  Needless to say, I was not in a super mood the rest of that day in New York and was extremely frustrated and upset. What does this mean for us? We haven’t even finished all of the paperwork to even get on that list for the 2- 2 1/2 year wait time!! My husband and I are unsure of what our next step will be as far as deciding if we want a child sooner than that, but we are still pursuing our adoption from Africa. It may take us 4 years, but we will not give up!!

And the MOST exciting news in the past two months is that we bought land this past weekend!! Yes, my husband and I officially own over an acre of Texas soil πŸ™‚ GOD IS SO GOOD! We were considering some different options since my mom is getting worse by the month, but this was unexpected so soon! We came across a deal and couldn’t pass it up. Our land backs up to a 13 acre park that will have nature trails, children’s play set, basketball courts, etc. and we are a 2 minute drive from our neighborhoods private access to the Guadalupe River. WOW! I am still pinching myself. πŸ™‚ No real timeline set as to when we will start building our home, but we are praying for 2013.

2012 is turning out to be one of the most amazing years of our marriage thus far and only fitting for our 5th year as husband and wife. πŸ™‚  We haven’t gone without some struggles of course, but those struggles are preparing us for what God has in store for our lives in the future.  I am so very thankful to not only the Lord who makes ALL things possible, but also for our business. Living life on your own terms and doing what you want to do, when you want to do it, with enough resources to do it, is why I do what I do with USANA. Watching our team mates grow into successful leaders of not only their peers, but in their homes as well is so very precious.  Seeing peoples massive health transformations are just icing on the cake!  Now that Dr. Oz has officially partnered with our company, the future is getting brighter by the day. πŸ™‚
The day that I signed up into the business of network marketing it didn’t have on the dotted line… “you will get more out of others success, than your own!!” What a Blessing!  I am so grateful that 6 years ago my husband didn’t listen to what everyone else thought about our industry and started building our legacy.

I pray this post finds all of my readers well, and I am going to attempt to do more posts with pictures on each one of my trips. LA is actually already written, but I never posted it πŸ™‚
Have a very Blessed week,

Valentine’s Day Glee 1

This year for Valentine’s Day I had the opportunity to get out of town and head to LA for a week. This decision was not to be away from the most amazing man in the universe, (that just so happens to be my husband), but to happily run away from the memory of last year.

I honestly have never really liked Valentines Day. It is a stupid day that make men feel like they have to be rockstars for their significant other for just this one day. Then there are the people that do not have a lady/man friend that start dreading the holiday as soon as the Christmas tree is put in the garage. Stupid. Last year was the first year that I had actually ADORED the day, as it was the day that I found out for the first (and only at this point) that we were pregnant. I can still remember my heart racing… my stomach doing leaps of joy as somehow I made it out of the house without spilling all of the beans to my husband after taking a test! I wanted to surprise him. Over the last three years of trying to have a child I have had more ideas that I can even count on how to do it. Balloons, personal m&m’s, special dinner.. you name it, I had it planned in my head each month. I ended up at my little sisters house and she almost lost it when I told her her great news! The excitment was overwhelming for us both. Telling Chris that night was one of the most amazing moments of our life together thus far. That was then….

As I type this post hundredes of miles in the air on my way back home to Texas from Los Angeles, I feel that being away from my life on that day was a healthy decision. Our life has taken a new turn and we are now focused on adopting our son from Africa. The days of counting till ovulation, charting tempurtures, accupuncture, fertility medications….are a thing of the past. We are moving on to a new adventure of adoption not knowing if God does have us having our own biological child in the cards. I can honestly say both of our hearts are happy and complete because we know we are following God’s plan for us. πŸ™‚

I will try to post Part 2 about my trip to LA soon, as it requires uploading pictures and it is still a pain to do since I can’t use my ipad to do it πŸ™‚

Out with the old….

It only seems fitting that these past few days I have been reflecting on 2011.
I am thankful that the promise of this new year makes the hope and anticipation of the future almost unbearable for me πŸ™‚  I am excited for what 2012 will bring!

I have been a bit “blog silent” through the Holidays because honestly, I needed time to really work through the loss that we encountered with the failing in vitro cycle.  I have read of some clinics around the country that actually offer counseling sessions before, during and after a cycle because it is such an intense process.  Physically, spiritually and mentally…  it is a tough cookie.
It takes my breath away to know that God had a hand on our family scheduling a vacation this past September for New Orleans during Christmastime.  The vacation ended up starting three days after we got the sad news.  The crazy part about IVF is that you have no say exactly on the dates to start.  It took us over two months after the day we decided to take on this adventure to get the end results of a failed pregnancy.
There really is something about the charm about the city of New Orleans; plenty of tasty Cajun food, adult beverages, mechanical bulls (oh I sure did!) and the addition of my family that made some of the shock and sadness start to fade.
The city of the fleur de lis holds a special place in Chris & I’s our hearts because that was the spot of Chris and I’s first vacation together a few months after we started dating.  It was the first Mardi Gras after Hurricane Katrina and boy was it crazy!!  I’m pretty sure that the two of us knew we were meant to spend our life together after that trip.  <3  Oh the stories we have….  πŸ™‚

Here is us in 2006 and then in 2011 at Pat O’s.

It is amazing how fast 5 years can fly by!  
I am Blessed that my love for my incredible husband continues to grow with each year that we have together <3
This past year may not have brought us a child as we had hoped, but in review it was a great year in every other aspect.  Our business is continuing to grow to heights we never imagined with some incredible leaders that have some big dreams and goals, we moved into our first house that we hope to buy soon, my husband decided to get a job to help with insurance costs, and we took the proactive steps in becoming parents.  There really is no other place to go than up in this New Year  πŸ™‚
With all of the craziness of The Holidays over and waking up to a brand new year this morning at my sister’s house, I am confident that 2012 WILL be the best one yet!  The more time I spend with my little sister and my niece, I fall more in love with the idea of becoming a mother.  It fuels me to keep fighting this fight of finally being “mom” and “dad.”  I have to share this picture (one of the many) adorable pictures with my husband and my niece in New Orleans.  He is honestly going to be the most amazing dad that I have ever known and it melts my heart.  Jaidyn adores her uncle <3
Our follow up appointment with our RE about our failed IVF cycle is Tuesday morning.  After a lot of praying and time spent talking (we drove to New Orleans for peets sake!) about what happened we have decided to go ahead and do a frozen cycle (FET) with our one remaining embryo.  This will be a less intensive process as a “fresh” IVF cycle, but will still take some work with time at the dr and meds.  I will post updates as soon as we get some actual information on what may have happened with the failed cycle and what steps we need to  take to move forward.   
Thank you all for your prayers, thoughts, love, and support during this journey πŸ™‚  I know the prayers have continued to help soften the blows we have experienced along the way.  The great news is we have already told our families that we WILL have a child by next Christmas, even if it means we have to start the adoption process πŸ™‚
Here’s to a glorious New Year for us all!