RESET for 2012

I am usually not one for New Years Resoultions, but I am commiting to start off this year with a few less lbs. After two months of fertility meds, eating our way through New Orleans and mass quantities of Holiday goodness…the time is now!

Ever since I tried the RESET program over 5 years ago I have been a HUGE advocate. I do the 5 day program 3-4 times each year and absolutely love it. Don’t get me wrong it’s great and VERY effective, but it is not easy to over come your food cravings! The system has you drink 3 delicious shakes a day (the chocolate rules), eat 2 snack bars, and a cup of fruit and veggies for snacks. With 30 minutes of walking a day and drinking plenty of water you will watch the pounds melt away!  5 pounds in 5 days is guaranteed if you successfully complete it. :).  My average is 6# each time.  There is also a program to continue the weight loss (transform) in which you do 2 shakes/day. My father in law lost 30# in the month after his initial RESET program.
Let me be clear though…this is NOT a diet!! It is a lifestyle change to help you make better food choices. My favorite part about RESET actually isn’t the weight loss, it is the loss of cravings!! After you finish the 5 days you miraculously want to make better food choices and that ice cream in the freezer ( my major weakness) no longer sounds like a good idea! It seems strange unless you have tried it, but its incredible!! Our company has a 100% money back guarantee and all of our products are pharmaceutical grade so you can trust what you are putting in your body. Our company’s tag line is “Nutritionals you can trust.”. That is a very bold statement for a 20 year old publicly traded company!

I am halfway through my first day of RESET and look forward to some great results this week!! Who wants to join me?? Below is a link of a short video for more details and contact me if your interested!